JetTrack Signs Exclusivity Agreement on ADSB Data


Partnership ensures alpha protection in the financial services space

Today JetTrack, the leading analytics platform for corporate flight activity, announced an exclusive partnership with ADS-B Exchange, the largest provider of private jet location data.  With this partnership, no other product has the same coverage or quality within the finance and financial services industry.

By combining forces, the two companies consolidate a fragmented market and bring to the financial industry an all-in-one solution for tracking, analyzing, and extracting investment signals from flights.

JetTrack clients will have exclusive access to corporate ownership structures and real-time global location information for the most important public and private companies around the world.

“Tracking corporate jets to gain investment insight has been around for decades,” says John Casano, CEO of JetTrack.  “Unfortunately, the process has been extremely manual and no one has analyzed the aggregate data for patterns.  JetTrack provides instant information and layers on sophisticated signals to help our clients spot strategic corporate activity.”

The JetTrack platform leverages the location data from ADS-B Exchange’s global network of receivers.  By aggregating the millions of data points a day, JetTrack clients can tell within minutes if a public company’s senior management have traveled to a location indicating strategic corporate activity.

“We’ve seen a few attempts to use our location data and layer on top advanced analytics, but no one has come close to what JetTrack has achieved,” says Dan Steufert, CEO of ADS-B Exchange.  “With this partnership, we can bring a level of sophistication to clients that is leaps and bounds beyond any other provider out there.”

Fundamental, quantamental, and quant investors can access the information and insights through a SaaS platform, DaaS API, and Raw Data.  Subscriptions are limited due to the value of the data.