Host a Receiver

Each week JetTrack sends out complete ADS-B receiver sets (including receiver, antenna, and cables - no external computer needed) free of charge to suitable hosts around the world.


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    Hosting Requirements

    • I am able to offer excellent reception conditions – i.e. the antenna will be placed outside on a roof, mast or similar and have 360 degree unobstructed view of the sky
    • I am able to get the antenna to its intended locations and receiver online within one week from receiving the equipment
    • I am able to keep the receiver online 24/7 sending data to JetTrack servers via an uninterrupted internet connection
    • If for some reason hosting a receiver doesn't work out – I am OK with sending the equipment back upon request (at JetTrack's expense)

    Exceptions to these requirements can be made to applications from unique locations.

    About the Box Receiver

    Compact – measuring just 100x60x30mm

    • Connects directly to your router/modem by Ethernet cable
    • Does NOT need a PC to run

    The shipment includes everything you need:

    • FR24 ADS-B Receiver
    • GPS antenna with 5 m cable
    • DC power supply (110V-230V AC input)
    • 5 m Ethernet cable
    • 55 cm long external Mode-S antenna with mounting clamps (5 dBi gain, weatherproof)
    • SMA male Mode-S antenna connector
    • 5 or 10 m H155 6 mm diameter low-loss coax cable with N-type and + SMA male connectors