Flight Data

  1. Seeking historical and/or realtime flight info as raw data (acceptable) or structured flight data (ideal).
  2. We have found success partnering with ADSB Out Signal networks.


  1. We must have the ability to share distinct or inferred flight info privately with clients
  2. Data must contain the ICAO info on each aircraft
    1. We are not sharing the ICAO or the N-Numbers with anyone.
  3. The live data must be provided via an API
  4. Real time flight info can be stripped of flights in the air until touchdown
  5. If from series of ASD-B Signal Out receivers, the data must be inclusive of at least 100 receivers


If you have this info, and would like to submit a proposal, please include:

  1. Company name, description, and history
  2. How you obtain this info
  3. The geographic coverage it includes
  4. How far back the data goes
  5. Proposed prices

We will respond to all submissions emailed to jcasano@jettrack.io within 1 week.