Spaced-Based ADSB Receivers

  1. Traditionally, ground based ADS-B receivers along with radar have been used to track aircraft. This method, however, has had its own set of challenges since ADS-B is based on the line of sight principle. Mountains, buildings, vast water bodies and other obstructions can significantly decrease a receivers range and ability to receive transponder emitted signals.

  2. Satellite based ADS-B, we believe, is “the next big thing” in the flight tracking domain and will enable us to provide flight data in places where ground-based ADS-B simply cannot reach.


  1. 100% world-wide coverage.
  2. Overall efficient routing, fewer delays & enhanced safety.
  3. Full integration with existing ground-based systems.
  4. Full compliance with FAA/EASA/ICAO flight tracking requirements.


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