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JetTrack covers: Russell 3000, the largest activist hedge funds, and the largest private equity funds.










Merger Arb

Closely track both sides of M&A as they visit each other’s headquarters, meet in a third location, or visit investors to round up support.

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Protect Your Shorts, Find Your Longs

From competitors to private equity firms, be notified of when potential acquirers visit the headquarters of the companies you care about.

Changes in frequency and geography are strong indicators of action.

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Future Corporate Strategy and Diligence

Compare historical trends against current activity to uncover everything from expansion plans to supply chain issues. 

Hold your CEO’s to their word: are they constantly vacationing?  Have they moved to the new headquarters?  Are they visiting branches?

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Our Clients Have Found Success Across Strategies


“We’ve tracked jets for over a decade – JetTrack’s interface supercharged our process.”

Portfolio Manager

$750mm Merger Arb Team

“An impactful and differentiated input into our management and corporate action analysis.”


$11bn Fundamental Fund

“No brainer addition
to our process.”

Data Strategist

$5bn long short equity firm


 We built JetTrack to help you make money.


Reveal each company jet with just a ticker.

Type in a ticker and see the quantity and ownership type of all a company’s jets.


Choose individual companies or aircraft and track real time.

Easily create a watchlist so you know company movements as they happen.


Create triggers to track specific events.

Knowing when two companies overlap or when one visits a certain location gives you an edge.


Set notification, save time.

JetTrack works for you in the background, notifying you by text/email when the events you care about occur.


See the companies around each airport, gain context.

When a company visits a specific location, you can easily see all of the firms that they do business with, including their competitors, suppliers, clients, and strategic partners.


 JetTrack covers where business is done.


The Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, cities within Russia, the seaboard of China, the rest of Asia, parts of northern Africa.

JetTrack has a coverage map that no one else has, the map that covers where deals are done.

Plane Map Picture.PNG

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does JetTrack make me money?

Before corporations enter into large deals, they meet with each other. When these companies are not in the same city, senior management fly, often on the corporate aircraft.

If you track corporate aircraft, you can get insight on strategic deals and corporate actions.

What is included in the support service?

We are motivated to help you find the most value from the JetTrack service, and are commitment to service with hands-on onboarding and training, knowledge based articles, sophisticated customer support system, and even the cell phone number of the CEO.

What is the background?

JetTrack was the brainchild of an investor who was painfully tracking a small number of plans a year. After a year of R&D, we became confident in the application that we were willing to roll it out to clients.

With over 75+ years of buy-side and technology experience, we are not the average alternative data firm who puts the data first and hopes investors can use it later.

What results can I expect?

JetTrack is designed to catch the movements that come along every so often, the ones that can make or break your year or add a key piece to your investment thesis. Our clients are most effective when they set up their own screens and then dig deeper when they are alerted to something big happening.


JetTrack is a product of Paragon Intel